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Hey Hey Hey!

I'm Chadeira, but you can call me HellaBombBoss (or HBB, for short!). If you're reading this, you're in for a transformative, incredible, beautiful and a tad bit all-over-the-place journey of all things lifestyle, travel and self-discovery. 

I'm a millennial women of many titles:

Digital Content Creator. TikTok Vlogger. YouTuber. MBA graduate student. Podcast co-host.  Social Media Manager. Wine + Chocolate Lover.  Stationary Addict.  Zodiac-Obsessed. Solo Dating Enthusiast. 

My ultimate goal is to support and inspire millennial women to break down societal conditioning and expectations of what life "should" look like, redefine their own luxury and ultimately design their most #hellabomb version of their lives. I do this by documenting my own journey to serve as a guide + providing motivational content.

me living my best life!

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Oh, girl. And guess what?
I have my own  
biz too. 

(I am a boss, after all)

I love servicing + helping other bosses elevate their brands through social media management, website design + content creation. Let's werk!

Brb- Will Be Back!

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