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I'm Chadeira, but you can call me HellaBombBoss (or HBB, for short!). If you're reading this, you're in for a transformative, incredible, beautiful and a tad bit all-over-the-place journey of all things lifestyle, travel and self-discovery.  I am a millennial woman of many titles:

Digital Content Creator. TikTok Vlogger. YouTuber. MBA graduate student. Podcast co-host.  Social Media Manager. Wine + Chocolate Lover.  Stationary Addict.  Zodiac-Obsessed. Solo Dating Enthusiast. 

 My ultimate goal is to support and inspire millennial women to break down societal conditioning and expectations of what life "should" look like, redefine their own luxury and ultimately design their most #hellabomb version of their lives. I do this by documenting my own journey to serve as a guide + providing motivational content. In addition to this mission, I also get a kick out of helping busy bosses build authentic, potent and bold brands through marketing efforts and creative design. 

The reason why I'd started to emerge myself into the blogging world is because I wanted an online space where I was able to learn how to love, accept and forgive all facets of myself. Last year, when I first turned 23, I had a super serious talk with myself and realized how much I'd relied outside sources to validate who I was as a person. Essentially, my self-esteem had the tendency to fluctuate based upon whether I was considered good enough in the eyes of a person, social trends or other external factors. Because I'd heavily relied on external factors to hype me up, I loved myself with conditions. I loved myself, but even more when others also did too. Sad, I know. However, now that I was aware of that issue, I promise myself that I was going to embark on a self-love journey. My first step was to become confident in my sexuality and ultimately consider myself sexy in my eyes. I'd spent 365 years of my solar return doing just that, breaking paradigms and tuning into my sexuality through dance and other sensual activities. Now that I'd conquered that first step (and entered Chapter 24 feeling sexy AF), I'm spending another 365 dedicated towards dating myself and putting myself (and no one else) on a pedestal. As part of this journey, I thought this would also be the perfect opportunity to cultivate a space where I am able to document, vent, ki-ki, and reflect upon my journey as a multi-dimensional, vivacious and extravagant millennial woman. Sometimes, this journey (and life, in general) can feel like an emotional rollercoaster (which I'm pretty sure everyone can relate to), so I want to use this platform to work through my lessons + watch (and I guess, read too) myself fall deeply in love with myself. Hopefully, my journey can also inspire all of you gorgeous, incredible people out there to do the same along the way. 


To learn more about me, feel free to also watch this Q & A video I'd filmed. Some aspects of my life have been changed, but you'll get the 'just of who I am: 

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