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50 Fun Solo-Dating Ideas to Add to Your Self-Love Bucket-list!

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

“Love yourself first, and everything else falls in line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.” - Lucille Bell.

First, lemme just say --- go off Lucille.

Self-love isn’t an option. It’s a requirement that you truly need to fulfill, otherwise, it’s going to be difficult to feel those warm, gushy feelings such as happiness, peace, joy and bliss.

Love isn’t just a noun --- it’s also a verb.

You cannot love yourself simply BY saying you love yourself. You have to express that love through action.

What’s the best way to love yourself through action? By dating yourself.

Similar to how you give love to a best friend or a lover, you should also provide yourself with that same love, respect, kindness and adoration.

And, similar to how you would cultivate a relationship with others by SPENDING TIME WITH THEM, you should also do the same and spend time with yourself.

Don’t know what to start? I got you --- here are 50 solo-dates that you can take yourself on:

  1. Go to a winery

  2. Go to a dance class (sensual heels dance, hip-hop, salsa, etc)

  3. Spend the day in a city near you

  4. Go to the movies

  5. Go to the mall and go shopping

  6. Go to brunch

  7. Go get yourself a self-love promise ring

  8. Take yourself on a picnic

  9. Go grab dinner at a fancy restaurant

  10. Go to a sip and paint

  11. Go on a nature walk

  12. Book a fun fitness class

  13. Treat yourself to a mani-pedi

  14. Go thrift shopping

  15. Go on a long drive and blast your favorite music

  16. Go book yourself a hotel room for the weekend

  17. Go to the spa

  18. Grab a book and head to a local coffee shop

  19. Go to a cooking class

  20. Go to a museum or an art gallery

  21. Book yourself a photoshoot (or have your own DIY photoshoot)

  22. Sign up for a floral arrangement class

  23. Go watch the sunset

  24. Take yourself to a sex store

  25. Go to a sunflower farm and pick some beautiful flowers!

  26. Go to the beach

  27. Go skydiving (indoor or outdoor)

  28. Go to an arcade

  29. Make a vision board by yourself

  30. Attend a play

  31. Go to a festival

  32. Go to a pottery class

  33. Have an indoor picnic

  34. Take swimming classes

  35. Take a walk around the park

  36. Do yoga outside

  37. Go axe throwing

  38. Go zip-lining

  39. Take yourself out for ice cream

  40. Make a cool craft

  41. See a comedy show

  42. Go strawberry picking

  43. Go rock-climbing

  44. Go do karaoke!

  45. Go to a record store and buy a record!

  46. Go skating (either outdoor or indoor)

  47. Ride a hot air balloon

  48. Go to a street fair

  49. Go to a botanical garden

  50. Go plant shopping

Want this solo-dating bucketlist for yourself? Click here to gain FREE access to the PDF version.

Comment Below: Which solo-date are you DYING to take yourself on? Would love to hear from you!

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